Why Auximiti

If you have IT - then it’s time for IoT!

You know how much your business benefits from the many employees and different locations being digitally connected. Imagine the chaos that would occur if you didn’t have a robust IT infrastructure - all efficiency and clarity (and every single digital transaction) would be lost. It’s entirely unimaginable, isn’t it?

Well to us, not having a robust IoT platform is just that - unimaginable. Just as the IT infrastructure of a company acts like glue binding together all your different departments and locations - an IoT platform can bind all your customers to you. There will come a time, in the not-so-distant future, where you wouldn’t be able to imagine doing business without the clarity and efficiency that your IoT platform provides.

We understand that this arena can be confusing and overwhelming. You might be wondering - how long does it take to get an IoT platform launched? What does it cost? How long before there is some significant ROI? Do we need new hardware and new software? Is Auximiti the right company for us to work with?

We know that there’s an intimidation factor here - those of us who design these ‘ecosystems’ are called ‘practitioners’ for crying out loud. We’re also called ‘architects’ of ‘digital infrastructure’. Yep, we know it’s not very straightforward - few industries are at the outset.

But we can be this straightforward with you right now:


The time to start an IoT platform?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now”. NOW is the time. TODAY is the best day to start. Time spent waiting on IoT and a location-based marketing program is time without actionable data, key insights, increased efficiency and customer loyalty. Not to brag, but we can tailor an IoT platform for your business in less than 2 weeks. That’s pretty fast, right? In our industry, it’s referred to as ‘rapid deployment’ - but not everyone who promises it can deliver. Auximiti can and we will tell you HOW.


What will it cost?

Once we know the specific needs and desires of your company in a consultation - we will get you an IoT platform quote in less than 2 days. SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION .


How soon to ROI?

Almost immediately. You’ll have new information to work with and new communication capabilities available upon install and platform launch. It’s as simple as that.


Hardware and software?

Our team of experts will design to your specific needs, and we’ll do it ‘end-to-end’ which no other company can promise right now. ‘End-to-end’ means that we never drop your hand as we take you through the process step-by-step.


Is Auximiti right for us?

We’re a new company but we’re not new to our industry. Read about our backgrounds and experience here and please rest easy knowing that over 100 years of accumulated experience will be put to work for you the moment you reach out and say hello!


Creating an IoT platform for your business is simply the next logical step to stay vital through enhanced connectivity - are you ready to take it?

Contact us now.