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Auximiti Consulting Services offers more than just technical expertise. We're strategic advisers who take a big-picture view of your organization, analyze your challenges, and help you overcome them with comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.

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We live today in an intuition age, a digital era that individuals have looked forward to, dreamed of, and work toward for thousands of years. Just as the best basketball teams are given low draft picks as a handicap there is a penalty for being a successful business. The french have a term for it ,"Déformation professionnelle" it translates into “The professional deformation”. We are kind of shorted-sighted and partially blinded in our business ways to steadily improve on what we are doing. After we succeed in a particular business endeavor we tend than to take if for granted or when we tend to see things as finished, completed, good enough, and done.

Disdain the Mundane

Going with status quo and accepting conformity is too risky. Let me repeat the last statement to stress the importance: Going with the status quo and accepting conformity is too risky. The greats of the greats know this all too well. Apple and Microsoft had to re-invent themselves to survive. IBM once at the mountain top is now struggling to find its place. Oracle, a technology soothsayer failed to see Cloud Computing as the next evolution of delivering computing services. Amazon’s Cloud Platform once lightyears ahead in Cloud Computing, now Microsoft Azure has close the gap.


As old structures break down and dissolve trailblazers are discovering new ways to move forward. Trailblazers are seeking outsiders to help them navigate through the chaos that other companies are caught in. It often takes a person from outside the business to see yearning opportunities for future growth, opportunities that the business person, busy doing things as they have done in the past, failed to see the forest for the trees.

That is why good consultants, outsiders can be a real VALUE.

Growth and Prosperity

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Strategic Consulting

Make decisions with greater clarity. Augment human intelligent with pure intelligence. Acquire deep visibility for expert analysis and achieve extraordinary results.

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Organizations have a need for new applications to support their services. We offer resources for application development from web applications to mobile applications.

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Cloud Migration

Migrate your applications and workloads to the Cloud. As applications and workloads are migrated, you optimize your new foundation, turning off old systems, and constantly iterating towards a modern operating model.

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Data Exploration

We struck oil, data that is. Let's build data pipelines to move and merge data from disparate data sources. Gain competitive insight with real-time insights. Easily query a unified datasource for better decision making.

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Four Pillars of Success


Revolutionize legacy systems that seem like dinosaurs.


Act though it were impossible to fail.



Create a mobile workforce that can work anywhere and anytime.

Business Continuity

Become faster, more flexible, and resilient.