At Auximiti, we help you connect with your customers, and provide you the insight to be more effective.

Watch this video to learn how beacons and the power of proximity can transform how you interact with your customers.

It is hard to really understand the needs and buying patterns of your customers. It’s also hard to keep up with the technology that helps you be more effective in reaching your customers. We get it. That is why Auximiti is here. As your digital infrastructure experts, we help you connect to your clients in two important ways:


We Connect Systems

Auximiti builds bridges between your existing I.T. system and new beacons, industry specific sensors, and a tailored IoT platform so that you know more about your company and how it can be improved.


We Connect People

When you know more about your customers and can reach them in real time, you are enabled to provide value in ways you never thought possible. Auximiti can show you how to engage your clientele in meaningful ways and empower them to learn more about you.